UAE cost library

Dubai database


Nomitech is proud to bring a UAE specific cost library for the building sector within the CostOS software. The library is applicable to project owners, investors, consulting and designing firms, and off course contractors and subcontractors.


Some key characteristics of the cost library:

– It is structured in POMI, which is the predominant standard in the region

– It provides resources and crew rates

– It provides constants and norms

– It is the result of careful data collection and analysis of experts in the field after several years of operation in the region


Some key benefits when the library is used with CostOS:

  • Quick and fast estimates with BOQs can be produced with simple a drag and drop function, in POMI format
  • 2D Drawings in pdf, CAD or image formats can be used to calculate accurate quantities against the library’s BOQs
  • BIM models can be used to directly produce POMI format estimates with local rates
  • Total Manhours for all trades can be calculated very easily
  • Contractors can use the customer provided BOQs and the library resources and norms to get quick pricing for items they are missing in house information or to compare the rates with their internal pricing
  • Quick and intelligent mass adjustments both at resource and at BOQ level can be applied to finalis the estimate.


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