New Win Announcement with: “KEF Infra” in India

New WIN announcement Nomitech are delighted to announce a new agreement with KEF of India  (part of KEF Holdings) for the Nomitech Cost Estimating system CostOS.   Kef Infra specialise in Off-site manufacturing and construction of hospitals, schools and hotels and will use our the CostOS BIM-enabled quantity take-off’s and estimation.The Implementation of CostOS will start… Continue reading


Are you in involved in Cost Estimation and Benchmarking Analysis?

cost estimation meeting in the UAE

Week February 25th, lets discuss the best Cost Estimation and Benchmarking methods and tools. So, Join us in UAE! Schedule your free meeting with us at  and  discover how you can improve your Cost Estimation and Benchmarking Analysis.   Nomitech can help you estimate your cost faster, easier and with improved accuracy, saving time… Continue reading


Free Cost Estimating and Benchmarking Seminar in Singapore on January 25th

cost estimating and benchmarking seminar in singapore

Interested in getting fast and better cost estimations? Join our free Seminar in Singapore, on Thursday 25th of November, organised by the CS Global Group, our Certified Partner in South East Asia. New standards with intelligent tools emerge to predict multiple types of project costs. Are you informed? For further experience join us in the New… Continue reading