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President's Message
Many years of research and dedication in what we are doing have resulted in the development of CostOS Estimating. CostOS is the end product of careful planning, market researching and interaction with major players in the technical field. It incorporates the latest software development technologies and implements all the modern features a cost estimator may require. Here in Nomitech we listen to your needs and try as hard as we can to provide you with quality software that will become your day to day tool. Apostolos Chatzisymeon

CostOS is not only about estimating. It is a tool that helps you organize and increase the efficiency of the estimating department. Based on the fundamentals of estimating CostOS will become your one solution for estimating no matter on which country you are based, no matter on your company’s size and the projects you aim to undertake.

Different people require different features and different ways of presenting their efforts. Nomitech is well aware of this fact and for this reason you can ask us to customize our products to match your needs. Providing you with software that will bring you more profitable projects is what we aim for.

Apostolos Chatzisymeon, MSc , MEng
Nomitech CEO

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